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Low Rolling Resistance

If you're going to spend money on new tires, invest in a set that will both save you money in the long run and make our environment a better place. Invest in Nokian tires with low rolling resistance from Nokia, Finland.

Rolling resistance is a major reason your tires consume fuel and cost you money. Keep reading to learn more about rolling resistance and the types of low rolling resistance tires available from Nokian. When you're ready to buy, visit our tire and auto repair shop in Southport, CT. We're not far from Fairfield, CT or Westport, CT.

About Rolling Resistance

Rolling Resistance Tires in Southport, CT

To understand rolling resistance, you need to think about how a tire works. At any given time, one part of your tire is touching the road. This area becomes distorted during contact, and this distortion is one cause of rolling resistance.

Heat is another cause. Tires are made from Viscoelastic materials due to their contact with the road; such material recovers its shape quickly but often heats up due to friction involving its molecular components.

By altering the formula, manufactures like Nokian are now able to create low rolling resistance tires that consume less fuel while still providing you the traction and durability you expect to drive safe. It's science at its finest for tire evolution.

Nokian Tires in Southport, CT

Nokian Tires are one of our top brands for a reason. All Nokian tires provide low rolling resistance. This means drivers with Nokian tires installed consume less fuel, allowing them to both save money and help the environment, too.

Nokian is a trusted brand that has invested heavily in low rolling resistance technology. It is because of this focus that the manufacturer is able to provide low rolling resistance tires that also provide other benefits - like wet grip - that drivers desire and expect.

Types of Nokian Tires

Don't compromise. Get low rolling resistance paired with the benefits you want out of your tires. Read more about the types of Nokian tires for sale.

  • Nokian Rotiva AT: Built for light trucks and SUVs, these tires excel on the road and in light off-road conditions. Durable, the Rotiva AT has an aggressive tread pattern to provide excellent tread handling and stability.
  • Nokian eNTYRE: Designed for the North American environment, these tires use a Silica compound that gives them an excellent wet grip. Featuring Splash Stoppers, this tire helps keep water spray on the ground and away from your visibility. Made to prevent hydroplaning and provide a safe ride.
  • Nokian zLINE: Made for the toughest summer conditions, Nokian zLINE tires reduce heat, are long lasting, and provide wet grip.
  • Nokian WR63: The Nokian WR63 tire provides excellent performance year-round, able to take on wet roads, snow, and ice. Featuring 3D Lock Sipes for stability and control and designed to give drivers a quiet ride.
  • Nokian WR63SUV: A high performance, all-weather tire with a tread pattern designed to provide excellent handling in wet and slushy roads. Also featuring Snow Claws, this tire has a superior grip on snow.
  • Nokian Z SUV: Built to withstand demanding summer conditions, the Nokian Z SUV tire features a reinforced center to provide stability and control at high speeds.
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